How can you become a CSP of Punjab National Bank?

The PNB CSP apply of jobless candidates will make CSP Bank Mitra Online enroll them as a Customer Service Point with the Punjab National Bank, which is one of the leading banks in India. This facility as well as the partnership is available only for new, as well as existing retailers of the organization. However, both categories of retailers are supposed to have a PC or laptop, Web cam, Printer, and Web connectivity.

All existing retailers of CSP Bank Mitra Online will be appointed as CSP and they will be working directly or under remote monitoring as stated by the existing arrangements with the company. If you are new to CSP Bank Mitra Online, first, you may need to enroll as a Web Retailer and then your PNB CSP apply will make you a PNB Kiosk Banking service provider.

When you become a BC of the Punjab National Bank, you will become the authorized retailer of the bank to offer its huge range of services, besides getting a bounty of benefits, such as:

  • New income flow from mini-banking
  • Even an existing PNB account holder can be your client
  • Easy Money Transfer
  • Amplified client footfall
  • Trusted resource for money transfer with the strong PNB brand name

To get the above-mentioned benefits, your PNB CSP Registration with CSP Bank Mitra Online is supposed to include a duly filled in application form. You can download the application form from the official website of the company,

Your application form will undergo verification as well as approvals and once confirmed, you will be informed by CSP Bank Mitra Online about the status of your request. If your application is approved, you will be suitably trained by the company to work as a full-fledged service provider of the Punjab National Bank. You will then be authorized to offer all the services of the bank to the public with a handsome commission as well as with a lucrative monthly basic pay.

If you are appointed as the CSP of the Punjab National Bank by CSP Bank Mitra Online, you may be required to meet the a few Infrastructure requisites. The minimum size of your outlet is supposed to be 200 square feet and it should have a counter. There should be sufficient space to offer your services to a minimum of five customers simultaneously. This is indispensable to offer efficient and friendly service to the customers and attend to your usual business at the same time. Additionally, you should configure your computer with a hard disk of a minimum of 20 GB capacity.